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What are cloud services? 


Cloud Services are services (email, virtual server, data storage etc.) that are remotely accessible over the internet.  By utilising a cloud provider’s vast resource, economy of scale and, most importantly, security, small and medium sized businesses are able to use enterprise level solutions for an affordable monthly fee. 

How can cloud services help my business?


Our Cloud Services offer your company great flexibility.  As all your data and emails are accessible using any device (laptop, desktop, iPad, iPhone, etc.) from anywhere, your users can work from home, a client’s site or anywhere in the world providing they have internet access.  These services also allow for better budget control as they are paid for monthly with a minimal (or zero) upfront cost. 


What does it cost?


Costs are highly dependent on the solution provided, but please find below a rough price guide:

Managed 100GB Email account from £15 per month

Managed Windows Virtual Server from £350 per month

Managed Enterprise level data storage from 90p per GB per month


Vanilla's standard hourly rate is from £100 per hour.

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